Quick turnaround of Fluiten GTA 180mm double seal for 3V Cogeim Filter Dryer

Quick response to a last-minute seal problem minimises delay in commissioning new plant Client challenge: When a new, unused Fluiten GTA 180mm pressurised double seal was damaged during the inspection of a 3V Cogeim filter dryer prior to commissioning, the user needed a quick response to avoid delays in commissioning a new plant. There was […]

Reliable, high quality repair service for Andritz disc filter mechanical seal

A paper board manufacturer based in the UK turned to NASH when they needed a high-quality repair service for a pressurised double mechanical seal on one of their disc filters. Client challenge: When a EagleBurgmann LP-D 135mm pressurised double mechanical seal cartridge failed on one of their disc filters, the user chose NASH in preference […]

Seal repair & upgrade improves reliability of De Dietrich glass-lined biconical dryer

Cutting an international agrochemical manufacturer’s downtime from 18 weeks to 9 weeks avoided significant lost production on a newly commissioned De Dietrich biconical dryer Client challenge: When a John Crane P32SP 160mm dry running seal failed shortly after the dryer was commissioned for the first time, the user faced significant production losses as they had […]

Rapid turnaround and joined-up service for vertical pulper seals

A Safematic SAB/140 pressurised double mechanical seal in a vertical pulper on the main production line at a paper mill in Scotland was failing after more than 5 years in service. The decision was quickly taken to replace it with the spare seal. However, it had been in their stores for over 5 years.  Client challenge:- When […]

4-day turnaround for seal inspection and dynamic test

Many process companies hold replacement mechanical seals in stock to ensure minimum downtime when an operational seal needs replacing. But what if your replacement seal has been in storage for over 8 years? Is it really wise to just install it without a seal inspection? Also, what about the delay and impact on production? Client […]