Rapid turnaround and joined-up service for vertical pulper seals

A Safematic SAB/140 pressurised double mechanical seal in a vertical pulper on the main production line at a paper mill in Scotland was failing after more than 5 years in service. The decision was quickly taken to replace it with the spare seal. However, it had been in their stores for over 5 years.  Client challenge:- When […]

4-day turnaround for seal inspection and dynamic test

Many process companies hold replacement mechanical seals in stock to ensure minimum downtime when an operational seal needs replacing. But what if your replacement seal has been in storage for over 8 years? Is it really wise to just install it without a seal inspection? Also, what about the delay and impact on production? Client […]

Upgraded faces for dry running filter dryer seal

A NASH inspection found incorrect face material in a dry running seal caused rapid face wear and poor seal performance. Upgrading the rotary seal rings to a grade of carbon more suitable for operation in dry nitrogen solved the problem Client challenge An Eire pharmaceutical manufacturer needed help to improve the performance of Flowserve Mixerpac […]

Ink-maker’s contamination problems solved

Fast turnaround mechanical seal diagnosis, repair and improved operation recommendations for an Asian offset ink manufacturer experiencing frequent seal failures Client challenge A Malaysian offset ink manufacturer suffered regular bead mill start-up problems when the Netzsch GRD80 pressurised double mechanical seal used on the mill was compromised by viscous product that contaminated the seal (see […]

Improved seal reliability secures £1m aftermarket for glass lined vessel manufacturer

NASH has enjoyed a relationship with a company that manufactures and services glass lined reactors for many years. We began working with this company having been asked to provide a more responsive and lower cost repair service for the mechanical seals utilised on their equipment. However, as we assessed the condition and performance of each […]