Ink-maker’s contamination problems solved

Fast turnaround mechanical seal diagnosis, repair and improved operation recommendations for an Asian offset ink manufacturer experiencing frequent seal failures Client challenge A Malaysian offset ink manufacturer suffered regular bead mill start-up problems when the Netzsch GRD80 pressurised double mechanical seal used on the mill was compromised by viscous product that contaminated the seal (see […]

24-hour response, analysis and advice

Restoring output on a Netzsch bead mill within 24-hours of an EagleBurgmann mechanical seal failure with NASH’s guaranteed next-day assessment, repair and delivery service Client challenge After three years of trouble-free running, a coatings manufacturer experienced a sudden Netzsch LMZ Bead Mill EagleBurgmann MR1SF5-125 double seal unit failure that needed to be corrected urgently. Working […]

Reducing downtime while boosting performance

Extending seal life, reducing excessive downtime and avoiding costly pressurised double seal unit upgrades on an ink manufacturers’ Buhler Cobra Vertical Bead Mills. Client challenge Unacceptable bead mill mechanical seal reliability was causing excessive downtime and extra repair costs with production and revenue impacts. NASH was asked to examine the circumstances surrounding Buhler Seal and […]