NASH is focused on delivering top quality engineered mechanical seal performance.

With experience over more than 30 years, we offer unrivalled expertise across all seal brands. We are presented with new seal problems almost every week. However, the same issues arise time and again.

We have compiled our most common frequently asked questions. Here are the top 3:

  1. Q: What is considered a good service life for a mechanical seal?

    A: If there are no other factors involved, then mechanical seal life is limited by how long it takes for the carbon face to fully wear. However, mechanical seals rarely wear out because of old age and usually fail due to some other reason well before the carbon wears excessively. Read more….
  2. Q: What is an acceptable leakage rate for a Mechanical Seal?

    A: All mechanical seals leak; they have to. The leakage rate needs to be sufficient to ensure that there is a lubricating fluid film between the lapped seal faces to minimise friction, heat generation and wear, whilst at the same time being low enough to be acceptable. Read more….
  3. Q: How do I know when a mechanical seal has failed?

    A: This depends on the mechanical seal type and the application, but generally a mechanical seal has failed if it is leaking excessively and/or cannot maintain the specified pressure. Read more….

For the answers to these and our other common questions, visit our FAQs page.