Engineered mechanical seals perform a vital task across a wide range of high-dependency turbomachinery where failure really isn’t an option. Insuring against failure often means turning to the service arms of major seal OEMs where the real-world support experience can leave a great deal to be desired.

Typical issues faced by seal end-users include:

These are often the costs paid for relying on equipment manufacturers. Furthermore, seal OEMs are heavily invested in the manufacture of new seals. As a result, they can be less focused on seal service; maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). Nevertheless, it is essential for end-users that their turbomachinery continues to operate to specification. Consequently, the potential risk of service delays means that end users often find themselves having to hold multiple sets of spare seals to ensure they always have cover. This is a considerable additional cost.

Despite these frustrations among end-users, the status quo is that the seal OEMs are a ‘safe pair of hands’ and accepting the cost and experience of ‘less than ideal‘ service is the norm to ensure process compressors keep running.

Focus on seal performance

Over more than 50 years, NASH has built unrivaled and enviable expertise in engineered mechanical seals. On the back of this expertise, NASH has built a range of service partners across the world. Our partners recognise integration with NASH as an opportunity to extend their service offering to customers. These partnerships enable end users to benefit from the combination of local ‘feet on the ground’ in their territory with the unique understanding and experience in engineered mechanical seals that NASH has built up.

The NASH approach goes beyond delivering effective, customer focused seal servicing. Our analytical approach gives end users the potential to really understand why their seal(s) are performing as they are and, drawing on NASH’s experience, develop a solution designed to deliver the best seal performance for their application.

Brand independent

NASH is not limited to any particular brand of seal. In fact, our cross-brand experience puts the company in a unique position. While seal OEMs tend to focus on their own brand, NASH thrives through to cross-fertilizing seal solutions drawing on their experiences with all of the major seal brands.

Turbomachinery demands certainty

Notwithstanding the compelling proposition offered by NASH, we recognise that trying something new is always a risk. With turbomachinery, you simply don’t take risks. Consequently, it has always been better the devil you know. It is this position that has allowed the often inefficient and frustrating service offering of the seal OEMs to sustain as the ‘safe option’.

Now things have changed. Since 1999, NASH has developed an ever closer relationship with US turbomachinery seal manufacturer, Kaydon Ring and Seal (KRS). This relationship has allowed KRS to thoroughly challenge NASH capabilities and, time after time, NASH delivers. As a result, Kaydon has developed such confidence in NASH, they have chosen to appoint NASH as their exclusive MRO partner for EMEA.

A key feature of the partnership is that it is not restricted to Kaydon seals. NASH has the support of an established compressor mechanical seal OEM to undertake the support of any brand of compressor seal.

This combination of the class leading engineered mechanical seal expertise with a global manufacturer of compressor seals is unique. NASH’s commitment to performance focused service is backed up by Kaydon’s seal manufacturing and testing infrastructure. This combination, coupled with Kaydon’s confidence in NASH, is a compelling proposition to all turbomachinery operators. They no longer need to accept the poor mechanical seal service offering they have faced to date. With the NASH:Kaydon partnership there is a real alternative.

To find out more about how NASH can help improve your seal service and performance, please contact us