An engineered mechanical seal is designed to do a job.

The fundamental requirement of any mechanical seal is that it performs reliably and effectively for at least a minimum acceptable operating life.

To consistently achieve this objective you need 3 elements working together:

Bringing these elements together efficiently is best achieved through having the widest possible experience and expertise in:

It is interesting to note that nowhere above is Brand a factor.

Bringing together all of the above elements outside the constraints of ‘brand’ means focus really is on performance. Furthermore, experience across a wide range of brands, equipment and applications delivers a more comprehensive knowledge of seal performance.

Limitations of Brand value

There is no doubt that a strong brand indicates an anticipated level of performance. However, this is no guarantee of the best performance in a given application environment.

Although OEMs are seen as a common first point of contact for seal repair their focus is on their own seals.

Consequently, a brand can be a hindrance to focusing on mechanical seal performance.

In marginal cases of repair/re-engineer or replace, an OEM may be inclined towards replacing a seal while re-engineering the existing seal actually delivers the most cost-effective solution.

Alternatively, by focussing on the fundamentals of materials, design, engineering and application without the constraint of a brand, it is possible to deliver superior mechanical seal performance in real-world use.

Having no tie to any one brand, coupled with experience of engineered mechanical seal performance, engineering and repair built over more than 50 years, NASH is in a unique position to offer a service focused exclusively on performance. This position simply is not available from an OEM.