Historically, major process and energy companies have handled their own engineering maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) in-house. However, over the past 2 decades, we have seen a shift from this model. Many companies have cut back on the in-house delivery of peripheral services to focus on core activities.

Firms have significantly reduced, or even closed down, in-house maintenance and engineering facilities in favour of using specialist 3rd party technical services.

It is common that multiple suppliers are needed to cover the full scope of maintenance requirements. Often, these technical service businesses provide complimentary (and interdependent) services to the ultimate end user.

However, this increased use of external service suppliers can create a challenging environment for the end user companies using them.

The complex technical transactions often involve overlaps in the service provided which can result in areas of competition. Rather than driving down cost and improving services, this type of competition can introduce delays and supplier focus on protecting existing pricing and business relationships.

As a result, end user companies can suffer service degradation. The exact opposite of the intended outcome.

There is an alternative. In reality, each supplier’s core capabilities are different, with only some modest overlap.

Partnership drives Performance

Rather than competing against one another, 3rd party service suppliers can work in partnership. Partnership removes the protectionism, creating a platform for mutual benefit through delivering real efficiency and value.

Developing a partnership provides a one-stop-shop for meeting end user needs. Partners agree on their desired approach and work closely together to deliver the best service to the end user.

Within a partnership, companies can relax knowing that there are no split loyalties. Partners work collaboratively towards a mutual objective. Having one point of contact offers peace of mind for both the partners and the end user. Clear and open collaboration avoids the confusion of ‘who is dealing with what?’. The end user works closely with familiar providers in a relationship configured to deliver the best and most straightforward service experience.

A successful partnership provides a genuine win:win:win between partners and the end customer.

Partnership in Practice

Refurbishment and installation of technical components and equipment, particularly engineered mechanical seals, are services at the heart of NASH’s business. To this end, NASH is committed to developing strong, effective service partnerships that deliver real value, optimising service to end users.

We work with our partners to agree a mutually satisfactory approach allowing service elements to seamlessly connect to provide a more efficient, cost-effective and ultimately better service for the end user.

To find out how partnership with NASH can enhance your service, take a look at our article: Extending your service – Enhancing your brand.