Oil Seals or Dry Gas Seals – which is best for your application?

Since their development in the 1980s, Dry Gas Seals have become the de-facto standard for rotating shaft sealing applications in centrifugal and screw compressors across the oil and gas sector.  However, with gas compressors having operating lives running into several decades, there are still many running with wet lubricated (oil) seals. OEMs have almost universally […]

NASH – your partner in the mechanical seal aftermarket

The engineered mechanical seal aftermarket is evolving.  A shift from simple customer-supplier relationships, to mutual partnerships, is seeing all parties experience increasing benefits. The NASH partnership approach puts our partners at the cutting edge of seal maintenance with our knowledge and expertise. Engineered mechanical seals in need of repair or maintenance are often removed by […]

Extending your service – Enhancing your brand

With over 50 years experience of engineered mechanical seals, NASH recognises the benefit of collaboration with service partners. By working together and sharing expertise, our partners often deliver an enhanced experience to their (end user) customers. For the repair and maintenance of engineered mechanical seals, where the old seal is removed by a rotating equipment […]

Partnership delivers Service Value

Historically, major process and energy companies have handled their own engineering maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) in-house. However, over the past 2 decades, we have seen a shift from this model. Many companies have cut back on the in-house delivery of peripheral services to focus on core activities. Firms have significantly reduced, or even closed […]

Questions that improve bespoke mechanical seal services

To guarantee every seal we repair is fit for purpose, we need to check the seal specification is correct for the application, explains NASH’s Geoff Farnworth I would like to apologise in advance for asking you so many questions! However, your answers will help us to diagnose the root cause of any mechanical seal problem, […]