Engineered Mechanical Seal Technical Update – Advice and information from around the world

Technical competence is at the heart of what we do.  We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technical understanding and innovation in the engineered mechanical seal sector. We also recognise that we are part of a global market and to maintain our expertise and knowledge base, we regularly review trade press and sector journals both online and offline.

From time to time we come across articles that we see as having real value and we thought it would be helpful to include reference to these in our newsletter, as appropriate. Here are 2 articles we have found recently that we hope might be of interest:

Selecting mechanical seal materials

This article from 21 May 2018  is a great primer on the principles and value of selecting the most appropriate materials for the faces in a mechanical seal. It also considers how the wrong selection can cause premature seal failure and the consequent, often significant, repair cost and potential for down-stream equipment failure.   Although the article references a paper originally presented at the 2015 Turbomachinery Pump Symposium, the principles are equally valid today.

Read this article from TMI here

Selecting the correct barrier, buffer fluid

Another article from May 2018, again referencing the Turbomachinery Symposium – this time 2016. While the article above considers the seal face materials, this article looks at the fluid in a mechanical seal.

Selecting the correct barrier or buffer fluid is a critical step in specifying a sealing system. It is easy to consider a barrier or buffer fluid only in terms of its lubricating properties; however, the fluid serves a number of other functions and must possess certain characteristics for successful use in mechanical seals.

Read this article from TMI here