Our series of 2015 workshops on mechanical seal failure, held at our service centre in Dyce, Aberdeen, have already stimulated some interesting discussions on your mechanical seal problems.

The workshops, being run in collaboration with channel partner Osborne Engineering, focus on providing an insight into mechanical seal failure, causes, solutions and upgrades on typical offshore applications.

Workshops also facilitate introductions as attendees are able to meet experienced industry specialists and discuss specific mechanical seal problems.

Feedback on workshops so far includes:

“Using the worked examples and case histories is a format that works well”

“I came away with a better knowledge of seal failure mechanisms”

“I will apply what I learnt to failure analysis and problem solving”

“I leant that the seal should be viewed as a fuse and that failure is typically due to changes in operating conditions”


We’re planning more workshops in 2015. If you or your colleagues would benefit from attending, please contact us to be informed when dates and venues are confirmed.

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