With over 50 years experience of engineered mechanical seals, NASH recognises the benefit of collaboration with service partners. By working together and sharing expertise, our partners often deliver an enhanced experience to their (end user) customers.

For the repair and maintenance of engineered mechanical seals, where the old seal is removed by a rotating equipment service company (RESCO), the end user traditionally either sends the old seal back to the seal OEM for overhaul or, in some cases, asks the RESCO to organise the seal repair using the seal OEM. Either way, the overhauled seal ultimately ends up back in the end user’s stores.

In the meantime, the end user takes another seal, previously refurbished by the Seal OEM, and free-issues this to the RESCO for installation.

Too much control for seal OEMs

In practice, whichever way the repair is arranged, the seal OEM is keen to maintain a direct relationship with the end user. There is little incentive for seal OEMs to provide a good service to RESCOs. Seal OEMs would rather deal directly with the end user customer for seal maintenance, the end user simply engaging the RESCO to remove the worn seal and install the free-issued replacement. This approach protects the seal OEM/end user relationship for future business, both on seal maintenance and new seal supply. By focusing on the end user rather than the RESCO, seal OEMs can reinforce their position. Little real benefit accrues to the RESCO.

Where the end user asks the RESCO to organise the repair with the seal OEM, the seal OEM’s reluctance to deal with the RESCO as an intermediary can result in delivery delays leading to negative relationships between RESCO and the end user. Furthermore, seal OEMs will often quote end user repair prices to RESCOs, allowing little scope for these RESCOs to add reasonable margins without compromising competitiveness.

Clearly, neither arrangement is ideal for the end user. Placing a repair order directly with seal OEM is often the cheaper option. However, in the event of any operating issues, the end user is faced with delays and extra costs as both RESCO and seal OEM frequently deny responsibility until the correct diagnosis is finally established.

When a RESCO organises the seal repair (with the seal OEM), the end user has a clear line of responsibility but often the process is slower and more expensive.

Inevitably, this rarely leads to the best and most cost-effective service for the end user. Ultimately, both RESCOs and end users lose out.

So, where does this leave RESCOs?

Opportunity for comprehensive service

Dedicated to building successful and mutually beneficial partnerships, NASH can provide knowledge, expertise and engineering capability to maintain, repair, overhaul, service and, as a last resort, replace any brand of engineered mechanical seal used on high duty pumps, mixers and compressors.

NASH provides RESCOs with competitive prices and lead times for mechanical seal services, removing their dependency on seal OEMs. As a result, RESCOs are able to bypass seal OEMs. They can offer end users a one-stop-shop for servicing their rotating equipment, whilst also maintaining positive relationships with their customers.

NASH work globally with major companies in the following sectors:

Through partnership with NASH, RESCOs can work with end users knowing they have access to the highest quality technical capability for seal repair, maintenance, improvement or replacement.

NASH’s support allows RESCOs to confidently take responsibility for delivering comprehensive engineered seal services to the end user. Consequently, this approach helps to build positive, long-term relationships with customers.

Existing NASH partnerships with major global companies servicing high end rotating equipment prove the effectiveness of the approach. Existing partnerships grew out of frustration with the status quo, ambition to progress – and, most important, OPENNESS TO CHANGE.

Benefits to NASH Partners

The NASH partnership focuses on shared commitment to delivering the best engineered mechanical seal service to end users. All partnerships evolve from an open agreement based on mutual respect between company offerings.

If you are a rotating equipment service company, NASH can help you remove your dependency on seal OEMs, giving you the opportunity to offer a more integrated service that helps you to build even more successful relationships with your customers.

Partnering with NASH can help you to unlock growth, generate significant aftermarket revenue and provide better service to your customers. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our case studies to see how we’ve helped strategically aligned partners to extend their service and enhance their brand.

As part of the NASH Partnership Programme, we offer:

To find out more about the NASH Partnership Programme in action, contact us. Alternatively, take a look at our latest case study and see how NASH can help build value with your customers.