Laser etched containment seal face replaced

NASH quickly reverse engineers a laser etched seal face to ensure a pump repair is not delayed by a long lead time from the seal OEM. Client challenge Rotating equipment specialists and operators often experience a poor aftermarket response from seal OEMs. This is particularly true for engineered seal designs incorporating a dry running outboard […]

NASH steps in to ensure swift repair

After a rebuilt reclaimed oil pump developed bearing problems within 35 hours of commissioning, a NASH examination found minor damage before restoring the seal for extended long-term service. Client challenge When a rotating equipment service company’s instructions to grease bearings on a rebuilt reclaimed oil pump were misunderstood, knock-on damage to the mechanical seal was […]

Rapid repair of essential feed pump back-up seals

Extensive mechanical seal face and o-ring damage linked to high ferric oxide concentrations in power station feed water was repaired within a European client’s tight cost and time expectations. Client challenge Following the failure of boiler feed water pump mechanical seals – thought to be caused by a combination of incorrect o-ring specifications from a […]

North Sea KSB pump seal fully refurbished

The mechanical seal from a KSB submersible pump handling seawater was inspected, restored and return offshore swiftly, as the client requested. Client challenge Rather than go back to the pump OEM, our client asked NASH to inspect and restore proprietary parts of a KSB submersible pump seal with a faster turnaround time and more competitive pricing […]