Focus on Fluiten Mechanical Seals

NASH partners FLUITEN have announced details of 2 mechanical seals recently selected by a customer for their key process lines. Following careful analysis and consideration, these were the 2 models selected: Fluiten TRHT Metal bellows seal Double-balanced for reverse pressure Construction according to standard API 682 4th edition Flange and shaft sleeve dimensions suitable for […]

Bespoke, Special Duty Pump Seal Designed By Fluiten

NASH partners at FLUITEN specialise in developing tailor-made mechanical seal solutionsin close collaboration with both pump and mixer manufacturers. For this pump project there was a demanding specification: Nuclear application Rotational speeds exceeding 35 m/s Working pressures over 100 bar Non-Newtonian fluids Zero-emission requirement Flashing hydrocarbons FIND OUT MORE HERE… FLUITEN has over 60 years’ […]

Improving your compressor seal performance

Do you operate compressors with oil seals that are unreliable and leak excessively? Have you looked at changing to Dry Gas Seals but can’t justify the cost? Has your compressor OEM failed to come up with a reliable, cost-effective solution? Then please call NASH. NASH offers modern, optimised designs of oil seals manufactured by Kaydon […]

Improving your mixer seal performance

Do you have mixer mechanical seals that fail regularly? Are these failures causing unacceptable levels of lost production, contamination or repair costs? Would you like better support? Then please call NASH. NASH specialises in improving the performance of your mixer seals, whatever the make or type NASH works with you to quickly identify root causes […]

Global expertise in engineered mechanical seals – A unique & compelling proposition

Engineered mechanical seals perform a vital task across a wide range of high-dependency turbomachinery where failure really isn’t an option. Insuring against failure often means turning to the service arms of major seal OEMs where the real-world support experience can leave a great deal to be desired. Typical issues faced by seal end-users include: Slow […]