Global expertise in engineered mechanical seals – A unique & compelling proposition

Engineered mechanical seals perform a vital task across a wide range of high-dependency turbomachinery where failure really isn’t an option. Insuring against failure often means turning to the service arms of major seal OEMs where the real-world support experience can leave a great deal to be desired. Typical issues faced by seal end-users include: Slow […]

Engineering and the future of Customer Service

It is in the nature of engineers that we focus on doing a good job. Precision in our work is essential, yet in the modern, digital world, this isn’t enough. Engineers need to recognise the importance and value of engaging with and informing our customers throughout the service relationship. Over recent years, online trade has […]

Questions that improve bespoke mechanical seal services

To guarantee every seal we repair is fit for purpose, we need to check the seal specification is correct for the application, explains NASH’s Geoff Farnworth I would like to apologise in advance for asking you so many questions! However, your answers will help us to diagnose the root cause of any mechanical seal problem, […]

What is a mechanical seal and how does it work?

Mechanical seals are devices that control the leakage of fluid between a rotating shaft and the pressurised casing on rotating equipment. Typical applications include centrifugal pumps, reactors, mixers and compressors. Originally developed to overcome gland packing-type seal limitations, modern seals are designed to reduce emissions and improve rotating equipment performance. Figure 1 (to the right) […]

Are your mechanical seals repaired by an IECEx Certified Service Facility?

NASH is working towards becoming an IECEx Certified Service Facility for the repair of mechanical seals and associated equipment. The certification is based on the requirements of IEC 60079-19 and we plan to be fully certified by Q3 of 2016. IEC 60079-19 is an internationally recognised scheme for the repair of equipment operating in potentially […]