The engineered mechanical seal aftermarket is evolving.  A shift from simple customer-supplier relationships, to mutual partnerships, is seeing all parties experience increasing benefits.

The NASH partnership approach puts our partners at the cutting edge of seal maintenance with our knowledge and expertise.

Engineered mechanical seals in need of repair or maintenance are often removed by rotating equipment service companies (RESCOs) or equipment OEMs and returned to seal OEM to be refurbished. However, this causes problems as seal OEMs are not inclined to offer a good service to RESCOs or equipment OEMs with realistic prices and timely returns. This can compromise relationships between RESCOs/equipment OEMs and their end user customers – as this case study demonstrates.

The challenge

A Global Filter Dryer OEM and Service provider was experiencing continuous difficulties with mechanical seal OEMs who did not provide a responsive service. Furthermore, they would not offer sufficient (if any) resale discount. As a result, the company was finding it difficult to offer a competitive service to their end users, making it challenging to maintain a workable business relationship. The seal OEMs often competed with the Filter Dryer OEM for direct business with the end user. This competition was tending to undermine the company’s work.

They needed an alternative approach.

The opportunity from NASH

Through establishing a partnership with NASH, the Filter Dryer OEM now has access to NASH’s mechanical seal knowledge, expertise and engineering capability. The company can confidently respond to customer enquiries much more quickly with an inspection report and quotation – normally within 3 days.

They can also offer better prices and lead times to their customers. They are now more competitive than the service fees quoted by seal OEMs. Our partner has the support and resources to build aftermarket mechanical seal business without fear of being undermined by the seal OEMs. As a result, they can effectively maintain positive relationships with their end user customers.

Ultimately, their business is not compromised. They also profit from engineered mechanical seal service and support as never before.

Benefits for you – and your customers

NASH partnership delivers a dedicated, high-quality service for any brand of engineered mechanical seal with expertise covering:

  1. Repairs – responsive, high-quality seal repairs including comprehensive inspection reports
  2. Upgrades – aimed at extending seal life and improving rotating equipment performance
  3. Spares – readily available to minimise lead times and rotating equipment downtime
  4. Support – from root cause failure analysis to on-site support and bespoke training for your staff
  5. Replacements – as a last resort where there is no economic alternative

By partnering with NASH, you gain access to over 50 years’ of mechanical seal expertise and experience that can help you to remove your dependency on seal OEMs.

Working with NASH not only offers excellent service to you but also benefits your end users.

Overall, an integrated experience of ease, reliability and confidence.

To find out how NASH can help enhance your offer and provide value for your customers, get in touch.