Kaydon K-BOS Oil Seals Improve Performance of Flash Gas Compressors

A compressor user was unhappy with flash gas compressor seal performance on one of their North Sea assets. They needed a more effective and reliable seal solution along with practical advice and service support for sustaining improved reliability. Client challenge: The original OEM seals on 4 flash gas compressors (2 trains) were leaking well over […]

Repair and performance improvement for John Crane T28 Dry Gas Seals

The customer was unhappy with the performance of John Crane T-28 dry gas seals and was looking for an alternative option for seal inspection and repair services plus root cause failure analysis and advice for improved reliability. Client challenge:- When the seals on a Nuovo Pignone compressor were delivering lower than expected performance and the seal OEM’s service offer […]

Rapid repair of essential feed pump back-up seals

Extensive mechanical seal face and o-ring damage linked to high ferric oxide concentrations in power station feed water was repaired within a European client’s tight cost and time expectations. Client challenge Following the failure of boiler feed water pump mechanical seals – thought to be caused by a combination of incorrect o-ring specifications from a […]