Kaydon K-BOS Oil Seals Improve Performance of Flash Gas Compressors

A compressor user was unhappy with flash gas compressor seal performance on one of their North Sea assets. They needed a more effective and reliable seal solution along with practical advice and service support for sustaining improved reliability. Client challenge: The original OEM seals on 4 flash gas compressors (2 trains) were leaking well over […]

Kaydon K-DGS retrofit improves seal efficiency and compressor performance

The oil seals on a multistage centrifugal compressor in a natural gas pipeline were not meeting performance requirements and the user felt there should be options to improve overall compressor performance. The OEM service team did not respond effectively to customer needs. Consequently, they needed a better solution. Client Challenge:- The user was looking to […]

Kaydon K-MRC retrofit improves seal reliability and eliminates hazardous leakage

Existing labyrinth seals on a Fluid Cat Cracker (FCC) wet gas compressor train were proving unreliable and challenging to control. Leaking H2S was creating a hazardous environment for maintenance personnel. The refinery needed a better solution. Client Challenge:- The labyrinth seals on both LP and HP multistage centrifugal compressors were performing significantly below customer expectations […]