Cutting seal repair time by 75%

A two week seal repair turnaround for an unplanned outage on a refrigeration compressor train using Kaydon Oil Seal (K-MOS) oil seals. Typical seal repair lead times are six to eight weeks. Client challenge An international chemical manufacturer’s Siemens Compressor train had to be closed down because of unacceptable seal oil leakage to sour oil […]

Swift action prevents severe production losses

Cutting a global printing ink manufacturer’s plant downtime from four weeks to four days while eliminating the risk of £600,000 losses on four newly-commissioned Pfaudler glass-lined reactors Client challenge Four Pfaudler Flexeal UF8 seal cartridge failures on new Pfaudler Balfour glass-lined reactors posed serious production losses for a client for which no spare seal cartridges […]

£140,000 of problems eliminated in four days

Just four days to solve a John Crane vessel seal problem behind three unnecessary seal changes that had created £20,000 repair and £120,000 production costs over the previous three months. Client challenge A thermoplastics manufacturer’s protracted problems with a coaxial seal cartridge on a critical stainless steel production vessel created significant production problems. The NASH […]